About Us

Who are we?

JUX. skincare is meticulously formulated from hybrid ingredients that come from nature & science. The name JUX. is shortened for JUXTAPOSE (derived from combining French and Latin words together) it means to place two opposing concepts side by side to see two sides of the coin. (Think of yin vs yang, black vs white, nature vs science.) By juxtaposing two things together, we can see a dual relationship––that one element cannot exist without another. "Our ingredients may come from nature, but they would not exist without science."

Our mission:
We are a small, woman-led company but with mad ambition. Our mission is to transform stressful skin into healthy skin without compromising the sensory experience. We do this by eliminating toxic ingredients, engineered our formula to be gentle and effective while harnessing the perfect balance between science and nature.

Our inspiration:
Our product concepts are inspired by the diverse extreme environmental landscape such as the desert, the glacier, the deep ocean, the prairie, and etc. (places where only a few life grows). Our fascination with life in the extreme stems from their ability to adapt––or to be resilient. In these harsh environments, there are plants or microbes that can thrive and survive known as extromephytes. These extremophytes have long been researched by scientists in the field of biotech, pharmaceutical, molecular, and food, to name a few, for their properties to cope well under stress. It is also found that their DNA possess unique properties to help supercharge our skin.

Indulgence, inclusive, and innovative is at the core of our brand touchstone. And as a clean, progressive skincare, we encourage you to think outside the norms, break boundaries, and venture to places most people would not go. We will continue to be ever inspired by the highest mountain, the coldest ocean, and many more wonderful extreme nature.

To us, there is nothing more fascinating than life itself.

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Meet Our Founder

Natacha Zean Opakul is the brainchild of JUX., who was a victim of acne scarring in her younger years. Having suffered from acne infections on her entire face, her skin was left with deep pick-axe acne scars that resulted in more skin issues, such as: sensitivity, thinning skin, uneven skin surface, pigmentation, dry and dullness issue.

With an already compromised skin, coupled with today’s increasing air pollution that induce damages to our skin, Natacha thought of an idea to create a skincare brand that infuses nature and science and aids everyone's skin to cope under the stress of everyday environment.

"JUX. is my mad ambition. I like one word name as I think it's quite bold, and JUX. is about being bold with a good purpose. I have been a consumer first and understand the frustration of spending money on expensive products that are loaded with toxic ingredients for the skin. I created JUX. to make a difference and become the bold brand you can trust. Being bold is about being able to think differently, not afraid to break boundaries, and dare to venture to places most people would not go. Our ingredients have been beautifully shaped and formed under pressure in these extreme environments, so that's where we will go. We will climb the highest mountain and continue to break boundaries to create a clean, affordable, effective products.”

Natacha Zean Opakul Founder of JUX. Skincare
JUX. Natacha inspiration sunset
The inspiration

Natacha went on a solo trip in search of an inspiration for the concept of her skincare brand, sailing the ocean and trekking up to the active volcano. It wasn’t until she reached the summit and watched the sunset that the light bulb moment came to her; that in the extreme condition, amazing things can happen.

An idea born from her mad ambition (of starting small, but with big impact), Natacha created her company with the same name. From then, Natacha spent 2 years on her mission to create and perfect her formulas, and crafting a way to tell the story of JUX. that is authentic to her personality.

We may be a new kid on the block, but we've been working on our formulation since 2019.