Our ethos

Inspired by "Life" in the extreme

From the driest desert, to the coldest glacier;
the highest mountain, to the deepest ocean.

Our ingredients have one thing in common:
they are survivors of extreme environments.

With the increasing air pollution that accelerated damages to our skin, maintaining healthy skin has also become more and more problematic for everyone.

When we looked toward nature, we were inspired by the plants and microbes known to be survivors of the extreme environment (or extremophyte), which can cope and thrive well under stress. So we picked apart the secret that made them resilient and found that their ability to adapt to the most extreme environment is the answer.

The way forward is to provide our skin with the ability to adapt to today's changing environments, especially when our skin cannot produce these properties on its own.

JUX. extreme environments
JUX. extreme environments sand dune

At JUX., we harness the power of extremophilic plants and microbes (our heroes who possess superpowers unlike others) because of their unique molecular structure. A special kind of molecule that can only form under the pressure of extreme environments.

Not only are these actives highly compatible with our skin, but they can also communicate with our skin cells to improve its texture and defense properties, as well as regenerative properties.

Live clean


We formulate our products by eliminating 2,000+ toxic ingredients from our formula as a part of our clean, progressive movement.

Our products are free from paraben, SLS, SLES, phthalate, drying alcohols, methylisothiazolinone, styrene, silicones, synthetic colorants, BHT, hydroquinone, insoluble micro-plastic beads, animal oil, musk, and more.

Aside from using non-toxic ingredients, we developed our formulas, placing importance on balanced pH levelsgentle, and optimized to the full performance for your skin.

We are also proud to be vegan & cruelty-free. And we use our hashtag: #cleanismore to promote our conscious effort, and we encourage you to join our cause.

JUX. dewy texture
JUX. all texture
Engineered formula

In our engineered formulas, we place an importance on being safe, effective, and indulging for your sensory experience.

We believe that skincare should offer more than performance. It should invoke and inspire to the touch, to the scent, and to the mood.


We source our ingredients globally, and we also work with suppliers who source raw ingredients from the local community in order to make a direct, social impact to generate jobs in remote part of the world where climate change is really being felt.

JUX. Eco-conscious


We opt for the use of bio-based ingredients, avoiding ingredients that are unsustainable, and are non-renewable, such as petroleum, GMO plants, mineral oil, paraffin wax, and natural mica, among many others.

We also made our packaging recyclable in our effort to be eco-conscious, better for the environment.

"Clean is more."

Become a part of our #cleanismore movement today